Short Term Health Plans

Short Term Plans

For many individuals and families who do not qualify for the tax credits through the Marketplace, health insurance premiums can in be quite pricey. If this applies to you, another option for you to consider is something called a Short Term Plan. We can now write Short Term Plans for a period of 1 day short of three years. You need to be aware that Short Term Plans are not ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliant coverage.

They do not cover pre existing conditions, and they are medically underwritten. You will be asked health questions, and you could pay more in premium or be declined based on your health conditions. Preventive care is limited and only is covered after the first 6 months. The key appeal to these types of plans is the affordability. The premiums on Short Term are lower than the ACA plans for people who are not eligible for tax credits. Additionally, in 2019 the penalty for not carrying health insurance went to zero, so you do not have to worry about getting the penalty.


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